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About I&C

The role of I&C Directorate is to encapsulate NUST’s research and intellectual property opportunities at the earliest stage, and to translate these benefits to the Industry. External relationships of I&C Directorate have grown into meaningful and lasting partnerships. More than 200+ Industry partners including SMEs, multinationals, large national firms, public sector and non-profit organisations, work with our constituent offices on mutually beneficial initiatives. Our partners gain access to the university’s state-of-the-art research infrastructure, innovative research, world-class researchers and brilliant young students, thereby creating value for the university and the stakeholders, and impacting the technological, social and economic progression of Pakistan. I&C Directorate is also responsible for moving research results from the laboratory to the market place. It does so by being fully aware of the university R&D activities, R&D disclosures and market needs.

Director I&C's Message


Universities play a key role in the advancement of developing societies. Commercialisation of academic knowledge has garnered enough support from the policy makers in recent decades, and our vision at NUST is to make this a reality. We strongly believe that Research Excellence can only be achieved through impact and this is where its quality can be assessed. We, therefore, are here to facilitate our students, researchers and affiliates in protecting their inventions and taking them to the market for the larger benefit of Pakistani society.

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