In line with the global trends, Universities are increasingly becoming powerhouses of entrepreneurial activities with societal impact. Therefore, over the past years, we have successively enhanced our stress to transform NUST into a Generation 3 entrepreneurial University by encouraging Research, Innovation culture and Entrepreneurship aimed at achieving sustainability which is the characteristic of Gen 4 Univ. The university places strong emphasis on building productive relationships with Industry, Government, and the Society donors, and alumni to exploit the Quad Helix Model of nurturing innovation.

Our Team

Saba Khan
Director I&C
Saba Khan
General Manager TTO
Hasan Iftikhar
General Manager (CAC)
Eram Zaidi
General Manager (NIPO)

Our Departments

Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

Being cognizant of the significant role that universities play in knowledge economy, NUST established its technology transfer office in 2011. The office is responsible for the transfer of knowledge and translation of scientific results into real-world innovation. It is aimed to build entrepreneurial spirit, organise the transfer of new technological approaches, and arrange the early-stage financing of transfer projects. It focuses to promote existing innovations developed by the university in local industries, thus maintaining a clear path from scientific results to commercial exploitation.

Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)

The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) at NUST is emerging as a pacemaker of the micro-economy of Pakistan. It has managed to forge alliances with large Industrial Giants including Multinational Companies and SMEs. It continuously receives support from and provides assistance to its Industry Partners. Under the framework of Government establishments, CAC works on the principle of “Triple-helix combination of Academia, Industry and Government”, engaging in advisory, consultation and R&D collaboration.

NUST Intellectual Property Office (NIPO)

NUST IP office is offering its services since 2008, initially it was dedicated to TIC Incubatees later on in February 2011 NUST established an Intellectual Property (IP) Office at its Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), H-12, Islamabad for IP management where the inventions are evaluated for their commercial potential and facilitates in drafting & filing of Intellectual Property applications.